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patterns for the 21st century quilter
                                                                                                                                                                Patterns for the 21st century quilter
Download Help

Downloading is the process of transferring information from the internet to your computer or other memory device like a USB stick or SD card. 

When you purchase Apricot Moon quilting designs you will be sent an e-mail with a place to click to download what you purchase.  (Depending on your security on your computer you may need to say "enable this link" at this point.)    

You will download a zipped folder for each design you purchase.

Save it on your desktop or in a folder in your documents where you will know how to find it.  You might want to start a folder called Apricot Moon Designs or AM Designs.

Unzip the folder.  This step depends on your computer.  Often it is a click, double click, right click or right click and Extract.  Open the folder where you will see several files.  Choose the format appropriate for your quilting system.

QBOT users:   Save the designs which have the appropriate format (4qb or plt) at the end to your SD card.  You can either copy them and paste them into your SD card or simply drag them onto the SD card icon. Do not copy the entire folder onto your SD card as QBOT is not able to open folders.

Please read the license agreement which is in PDF format.

The guides are also in PDF format.  They will open using Adobe Acrobat. The can be printed to use as a reference.   



If you have trouble downloading any products contact Peg at info@apricotmoon.com.

Download help for Apricot Moon digital quilting designs for QBOT®.

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